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Bicycle Skirt Garter


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"Cycling in a dress has never been easier" 

The Skirt Garter is a helpful accessory for your bike adventures in the city and a great gift for your cycling girlfriends.

Adjust the metal clip to your dress or skirt to prevent it from flipping up while cycling. Alternatively, use it to protect long dresses or pants from getting tangled in your bike spokes. 

You think that's pointless? Then you haven't cycled in a dress before!


  • Perfect accessory for windy bike adventures!
  • Your skirt, dress or coat stays in place
  • Metal/plastic clip with no sharp edges, won't damage fabric
  • Size: adjustable | total length 50 cm (20 in)
  • 65% PES | 35% latex yarn

Read more about the story of our Skirt Garter on our blog.


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