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My Mouillère - WHITE - Allthatiwant

My Mouillère

My Mouillère - WHITE

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Biking home late at night and it's raining? Well, two choices: bike to the next club to rock in your glow-in-the-dark rubber shoes or cycle home safe while your shoes will light up the bike lane and increase safety and visibility!

Why we love it? Because the idea is so simple, genius and good looking!

Slip on the Mouillere® to protect the base and top of your shoe from water, mud and dirt and due to the elastic TPR rubber the The Mouillere® adapts to all kinds of shoes, sneakers, flats and boots. The Mouillere® GLOW will glow in the dark.

How it works? 

The material stores energy (from electrical or natural light) and produces light with an autonomy of 14 h.

But no matter the "rainy" occasion. Walking the dog, biking to work, horse-back riding, gardening, running to catch the train, or simply taking a stroll in the nearby park on a rainy sunday. You'll look great and don't have to worry about your shoes. 

The size has been defined taking into account the outside of your shoes. Simply choose your mouillere® size from the size chart. No need to size up!

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