My Mouillère - BLACK
My Mouillère - BLACK
My Mouillère - BLACK
My Mouillère - BLACK

My Mouillère

My Mouillère - BLACK

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Some days are meant to be spent outside, and these black rubber slip-ons from Mouillere® protect your shoes on every fall or winter adventure outside.

Why we love it? Because the idea is so simple, genius and good looking!

Slip on The Mouillere® to protect the base and top of your shoe from water, mud and dirt and due to the elastic TPR rubber the The Mouillere® adapts to all kinds of shoes, sneakers, flats and boots. 

But no matter the "rainy" occasion. Walking the dog, biking to work, horse-back riding, gardening, running to catch the train, or simply taking a stroll in the nearby park on a rainy sunday. You'll look great and don't have to worry about your shoes. 

The size has been defined taking into account the outside of your shoes. Simply choose your mouillere® size from the size chart. No need to size up!

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