Dress Red

You think bikes and dresses are a tricky combination?

If you bike to work and need to look dressy, you may feel resigned to pants forever. But biking in a dress is actually pretty simple if you just follow a few rules. Make sure cut and length are right: All our dresses are bike approved. They are just wide and long enough to give you room to pedal and so they don't ride up while doing so.

On the other hand we made sure they're not too long so they don't get tangled in the spokes. The collection features a few Maxi Dresses as well, one of this seasons hot but comfy dress trends. They are made from very light fabric so it's easy to tie them up for example with a skirt-garter or simply with a loose knot. We want you to feel beautiful on your ride while making your bike life more comfortable. Give it a try. Cycling in a dress is easy! 



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